DAEMON Tools extensions v3.3.29.0 (DTE tool)

Allows you to clean up blacklists from virtual drives created by DAEMON Tools Pro.

* Clean up blacklists from virtual drives created by DT Pro
* SafeDisc blacklists supported
* SecuROM blacklists supported
* IDE adapter based drive clean up
* SCSI adapter based drive clean up
* Virtual USB drives creation for redirecting real one

1. SCSI devices blacklists cleanup is not fully supported. In most
of the cases, you receive blacklists. Sometimes you can clean
them also, if you remove real IDE drivers from system.
2. To cloak a drive, simple right click on the drive and cloak it.
3. DAEMON Tools Extensions did not use hard method such as YASU does. But
if you receive some incompatibility after using DTE, you can
simple reinstall the drive in your system.
4. Make sure, you check DTE with latest versions of DT Pro. It is
possible, it doesn't work with drives created by older versions.
5. Sometimes after rebooting a system, you must run DTE to cloak
drives again.
6. Be patient, command line is case sensitive. Help is provided.
Any unsuccessful result didn't show any warnings.
Insuccess work can be sometimes analyzed by errorlevel status.
7. Sometimes virtual devices can be blacklisted by protection
systems. So you can give your drive a new instance which is
hard to blacklist. DTE is providing a drives redirecting
mechanism. It uses real USB stack to create a redirected device
hosted by a real USB Root Hub.
It is a hard to blacklist device created by a real controller. But
it is possible.
8. Prefered USB port attaching is USB 2.0 root hubs, so if you
try to attach device into USB 1.0 port with USB 2.0 present
DTE will fail.
9. On some desktop managment systems you can't see DTE's window
title. To prevent SecuROM blacklists, DTE's window title is drawn
manually. This method is incompatible with some desktop managers.
10. Also minimize button can't be shown for some time for the same reason.

Version History:
Code update for vUSB driver
Device attach problem fixed
ProtectDisc partially support
StarForce protection support (newest DT is required)
Registry jumps in drive properties are added
Virtual device properties are extended
Multiple USB hubs supported
Validation of attached devices to be unique in stack
User interface improvements
Exclusive device redirection support
Highlighting of non-supported USB hubs
Reboot problem when USB driver is loaded fixed
vUSB device conflict fixed
USB driver code rewritten and updated
USB driver signed now
Windows 7 USB driver support added
USB driver state remembered
vUSB drive properties added
Virtual USB driver is added. Please check notes section.
Add minimize to tray feature.
SecuROM window name blacklist is fixed.
Windows 7 is supported.
No display of more than 13 drives bug fixed
Problem with Ultra/Magic/PowerISO virtual drive fixed
Command line supported, so DTE can be added to batch file;
Updated in notes described before.

For more info: visit DTE forum
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File Name:
3,467,391 bytes
July 02, 2010
Windows XP/Vista/7